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Three cornerstones of a successful journey to parenthood through assisted reproduction: Trust, Communication, and Flexibility.

Create a wonderful team and trust those on it; ask every question; voice all concerns; have clear and open communication; and maintain flexible expectations.

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Fertility Counseling Services

Deciding to create your family through surrogacy and/or egg donation is not something that most of us have prepared for in life.

The process can incite many emotions, especially when the time comes to determine what attributes you should look for in your surrogate or egg donor. That's why having a partner like Fertility Counseling Services, Inc. is so important during your family creation process.

The journey to parenthood first begins with the declaration, "I want to be a parent." With the intention to create both life and miracles, you and your family will want the backdrop of your journey to be that of freedom and ease. Our aim is to provide you with complete support, so that you are empowered with a sense of confidence as Intended Parents.


Fertility Counseling Services, Inc. is one of the largest providers of third party reproduction psychological services in the United States. As a leader in its field, Fertility Counseling Services is dedicated to being a resource for you and your surrogate, from the very beginning of the reproductive process. Our company strives not only to be a guide, but also a network of support, so that your surrogacy and/or egg donor experience may be focused solely on creation, love, and joy.

  • Psychological Assessments
    As an Intended Parent, you need to know that your surrogate and egg donor are emotionally prepared for the road that they are about to travel. FCS specializes in conducting psychological assessments to determine surrogate and egg donor suitability. With Fertility Counseling Services' vast network of licensed and experienced mental health professionals, assessments can be performed in a timely, efficient manner, enabling us to provide you with same-day clearance letters. Surrogates and donors are screened at the highest level of competence and expertise, giving you peace of mind for the journey ahead.
  • Psychological Monitoring
    Fertility Counseling Services, Inc. aims to provide you and your surrogate with a clearing for miracles. As you begin the journey to fulfilling your dreams of parenthood, our company is committed to presenting you with a level of service that leaves you confident and reassured. Our psychological monitoring and support program is designed to provide your surrogate with the ongoing emotional care necessary for you to enjoy your pathway to parenthood. FCS exists to be a resource for your surrogate, one that gives her the freedom to express all of her questions and concerns. During the process, one of our highly trained mental health professionals will be assigned to your surrogate, so that she has continuous support and monitoring throughout the process. Regular contact between the psychologist and the surrogate is based on a system of proven and structured monitoring techniques, designed to provide emotional support every step of the way.